ONE PIECE episode1077 Teaser “The Curtain Falls! The Winner, Straw Hat Luffy!”

ONE PIECE episode1077 Teaser “The Curtain Falls! The Winner, Straw Hat Luffy!”

In Japan… 24th Sep 2023
On the next episode of One Piece!
The Curtain Falls! The Winner, Straw Hat Luffy!



  1. Smith 101 より:

    Kid fans are sweating over THAT scene being animated

  2. AM Valentine より:

    Thank god it’s over man, please for the love of god no more fucking flashbacks!

  3. Ramiro Sandoval より:

    Holy shit, we made it


    Rip to everyone who didn’t live to see this

  5. Derf swan より:

    Woooh the intense this 1076 transitiosn is my fave!!! Brooo all the emotionssss

  6. akhil より:

    The longest arc is end

  7. Pedro Jesús Gaxiola cepeda より:

    Congraliotion luffy

  8. Kyubii01 より:

    I don’t understand why there are people in the comments trying to rain on other peoples hype. If it wasn’t peak for you then okay move on but fact that y’all gotta fight tooth and nail cause someone think wano is peak (it factually is, get over it or reread the arc). If that brings you joy I need you to touch grass , eat some meat and go get laid or something

  9. AimlifeYT より:

    hope it doesn’t end here in sabo 🙁 I wanna see him defeat big mom cuz there’s no way she died there she has Napoleon and probably would make the lava come to life and save her

  10. Davis gaming Plus より:

    End one piece please

  11. -_-(Neno)-_- より:

    R.I.P kaido, we’ll remember u as the only pirate that could probably defeat gear 5 luffy in ur ultimate form, if not for the reason that u were tired in using up all ur energy on all-out-offensive. The gorosei were not kidding when they said enraging kaido is a bad idea. Good thing kaido was tired asf in the last clash before launching the last trump card of his, otherwise luffy wouldn’t have been able to pull this off.

  12. Judgie Talks より:

    Fuck man, I’m happy I caught up, I’m happy to share this journey alongside my newfound brothers and sisters!❤

  13. Nolan Hewitt より:

    Raise your glasses to kaido the strongest creature who ever lived he finally met the one to end him just as he wanted

  14. tris273 より:

    Rip all our nakama that died during wano. We’ll keep moving forward and think about you! The joy isn’t over!

  15. DonQuixoteDoflamingo より:

    Luffy on top T~T