ONE PIECE episode1080 Teaser “A Celebration Banquet! The New Emperors of the Sea!”

ONE PIECE episode1080 Teaser “A Celebration Banquet! The New Emperors of the Sea!”

In Japan… 22th Oct 2023
On the next episode of One Piece!
“A Celebration Banquet! The New Emperors of the Sea!”



  1. legoman7041 より:

    I couldn’t give less of a hoot about the Wano wrap up. But a Marine sighting? And an Admiral class Marine sighting?

    That does bring a smile to my face.


    Rip king and queen

  3. SUN_GOD_pika2607 より:

    So here’s my prediction – SPOILERS FROM THE MANGA (only Anime watchers)

    New bounties
    Luffy becomes emperor
    Wano party
    Ryokuygu vs King & Queen

    Yamato & Momo vs Ryokugyu
    Shanks scares off Ryokuygu
    The Red Haired Pirates are going for the One Piece

    ep1083 to 1085
    Kozuki Sukiyaki ( Oden’s Dad )
    Old Wano Underwater from the Void Century
    The Ninja Pirate Mink Samurai Alliance is Disbanded
    The Straw Hats mark Wano as their Territory
    The Straw Hats Leaves Wano

    Egghead Island

  4. Masbukhin Hidayat より:

    Let’s go !

  5. Tony Dak より:

    How many more episodes until Egghead Arc?

  6. Tony Dak より:

    Luffy gets a new Wanted poster. CELEBRATION.

  7. Misuta Howaito より:

    At last aramaki full debut

  8. lolan bholthe より:

    Release date?

  9. Ryan Etta より:

    apparently, kings left wing grew back??

  10. Silverlightbird より:

    You Anime Onlies will see a heavy surprise:

    Who will be 4th Emperor? 😉

  11. Jackass forever より:

    Aramaki is the GOAT

  12. Ark impossible より:

    naotoshi shida❤

  13. [Anime](Lover) より:

    You should take action who upload episodes on YouTube

  14. Anonymous より:

    Blud why is luffy going g5

  15. Matkiloren より:

    Sa a l’air d’être une dinguerie ✨✨

  16. Angela Soberano Rebadomia より:

    Fraudball yey

  17. StingerGaming より:

    They actually making the Ryokugyu fight longer and it’s made by Naotoshi Shida, hell yeah

  18. Felwinter Peak より:

    Yeah.. King and Queen definitely look fully healed. Admiral no diff them fully healed.