ONE PIECE episode1088 Teaser “Luffy’s Dream”

ONE PIECE episode1088 Teaser "Luffy's Dream"

In Japan… 17th Dic 2023
On the next episode of One Piece!
“Luffy’s Dream”



  1. @NintendoSegaGuys より:

    Someone asked in the SBS about whether Caribou heard Luffy’s dream because it was a personal moment with his crew but I don’t think it was a big deal, I mean Caribou overhearing not Luffy’s dream.

  2. @speedweed683 より:

    Dragon: …

  3. @TrashQueenAndKing より:

    Bonney next episode

  4. @masaoku926 より:

    超人系か 非能力だけなんかな?

  5. @aethoblack2349 より:

    Naruto fans gonna say midpiece

  6. @noirflakes より:

    i am waiting im-sama “welcoming” the final saga

  7. @ConstantineJoseph より:

    Luffy’s dream or Dream (of) Luffy? If you know what I mean

  8. @fuecocogang2969 より:


  9. @decepticonmaster7702 より:

    Lezz goo dark king in action

  10. @rah6054 より:

    trust, its going to be that luffys want to have a banquet with everyone.. idk about marine tho

  11. @exceedgod より:

    The only people who know about Luffy’s dreams are the crew and Ace, Sabo Yamato.

  12. @baluprakash8086 より:

    For achieving the luffy dream first he has to become the King of the pirates then only it’s possible.

  13. @Otak00l より:

    Luffy had one dream , oda made up a new fucking new dream after fucking up marine ford

  14. @retroplayman より:

    Spoiler Alert:

    Luffy: “I’m gonna become the president of the United States of America!”

  15. @byjuek より:

    Will Oda sensei add Uta’s appearance into the current storyline of the One Piece Manga. Where is Uta and Shiki in the current storyline of One Piece.

  16. @ZenoXu より:

    We’re getting closer bois

  17. @ankitjadhav6775 より:

    A great way to end 2023 with luffy’s dream chp . Following January it will be egghead soon

  18. @sussybaka7536 より:

    All the things I know about Luffy’s Dream

    1. It is something known to few characters like Shanks, his crew, Ace, Yamato.
    2. He never said his dream is to become King of the Pirates. It is something he wants so as to fulfill his dream.
    3. His dream is something which seems ridiculous to hear and surprises others when they hear it. But some believe he can do it.
    4. Gol D. Roger had the same dream, as stated by Yamato