【FULL/完全版】Introducing “the Straw Hats” cast / 実写キャストセルフィーコメント

【FULL/完全版】Introducing "the Straw Hats" cast / 実写キャストセルフィーコメント

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Netflix実写ドラマ『ONE PIECE』の一味キャスト!


The cast of “Straw Hat” was announced in November 2021!

Today, with the release of Weekly Shonen Jump No. 1 (2022),
we would like to show you the full version of the selfie comment.


  1. 不死鳥マルコ より:


  2. DeltoLink より:

    i approve

  3. Kaxew: Disco より:

    It’s great to be able to watch the introduction video without all the editing of the original! Thanks!!

  4. Daniel88 Milan より:

    Luffy actor oh no pls no

  5. ThatGuyNamed ZAG より:

    The only anime live action adaptation im looking for

  6. Santi Dava より:

    now are look amazing

  7. ゾン一郎 より:


  8. たんしお より:


  9. [Henrique Marques] より:

    Well, whatever happens, happens.

  10. 岸辺露伴 より:


  11. おお より:


  12. Aditya Kharat より:

    is it just me or sanji kind of looks like zoro more than zoro does.

  13. Radith より:

    Emily Rudd is flawless

  14. Vidun Senadheera より:

    This will be a great show

  15. Endeavor より:


  16. TheBattle Sage より:

    honestly, the luffy actor resembles ace more

  17. VinnytotheK より:

    Honestly not digging Luffy’s actor choice :/

  18. Aloba,Marcus lestat H. より:

    Ngl why tf i know what character will they be lol

  19. 潮火ノ丸 より: