【ONE PIECE 〇〇王決定戦 表彰式】FINAL〜優秀賞〜

【ONE PIECE 〇〇王決定戦 表彰式】FINAL〜優秀賞〜

★「第4回ONE PIECEナレッジキング決定戦」応援企画★

「ONE PIECE 〇〇王決定戦」へ


「ONE PIECE〇〇王決定戦」とは
『ONE PIECE』が好きすぎるあまりに生まれた

「ONE PIECE〇〇王決定戦」特設サイトはこちら

さら日本一『ONE PIECE』に詳しい「知識王」を決める
「第4回ONE PIECEナレッジキング決定戦」が今年も開催!!

「第4回ONE PIECEナレッジキング決定戦」特設サイトはこちら


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    ONE PIECE○○王決定戦

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    – Chapter 1,063: “My only family”.
    -In the cover, we see that Cracker is frozen and Brûlée is crying. Brûlée says Pudding has been kidnapped.
    -Luffy, Chopper, Jinbe and Bonney change their clothes with a special Vegapunk’s machine. Luffy, Chopper and Bonney wear futuristic clothes and Jinbe wears hawaiian clothes. -They met Kuma, a police robot with uniform. He’s different from the real Kuma, he wears round sunglasses

    and has robotic shoulders. -Kuma attacks them. Luffy is about to punch Kuma but Bonney stops him.

    -Bonney says Kuma is her real father and her only family. We can see an image of younger Kuma holding

    Bonney when she was a child.

    -No news about Zoro’s group in the chapter.

    -Cut to another place, we see that Blackbeard is ambushing Law in the middle of the sea. -Blackbeard brings with him Jesus Burgess, Van Augur, Doc Q and Stronger. All of them have the power of an Akuma no Mi.

    Jesus Burgess: Riki Riki no Mi (0) Ha has abnormal strength.

    Doc Q: Shiku Shiku no Mi (20). He can infect people with sickness (“Shiku” is the Japanese spoken

    word for “sick”).

    Van Augur: Wapu Wapu no Mi (77770) He can teleport people (“Wapu” is the Japanese spoken word for “warp”).

    Stronger: Uma Uma no Mi Mythical Zoan, Model: Pegasus (REFIL*SHUZ”).

    -Law escapes to a nearby island but Van Augur teleports Burgess first. Burgess lifts an entire mountain and

    throws it to Law.

    -Doc Q arrives riding Stronger. Blackbeard is on top of them both. -Doc Q uses his powers to turn Law into a woman for a moment, but Law uses his Haki to break Doc Q’s

    disease power.

    battle against Kaidou and Big Mom.

    -Law says that a strong Haki can nullify Akuma no Mi’s powers. He says too that he learned a lot from the -Blackbeard appears in front of Law. Blackbeard was wondering which one of the 3 captains that left Wanokuni will cross path with him first. -In the final page Blackbeard and Law are ready to fight.

    Blackbeard: “Kaidou must have had one of them… So I will take all your Road Poneglyph!!”

    Law: “I’m ready!! Winner takes all!!!”

    End of the chapter, no break next week.

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    Luar biasa!!