【EXIT×ONE PIECE番外編①】チャラくないワンピ愛 EXIT×ONE PIECE 超次元漫才意気込み

【EXIT×ONE PIECE番外編①】チャラくないワンピ愛 EXIT×ONE PIECE 超次元漫才意気込み

第7世代を引っ張るEXITが、ONE PIECEのキャラクターと新感覚漫才を繰り広げる!


ONE PIECE 最悪の世代 × お笑い第7世代「超次元漫才」



集英社 ジャンプコミックス『ONE PIECE』97巻 は9月16日発売!





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    The person on the right (Kanechi) is a One Piece fanatic and the person on the left (Rintaro) doesn’t know much about One Piece.
    They are some of the most popular young comedians in Japan .

    Kanechi says that everyone should read it anyway. And it’s interesting no matter where in volume 97 you start reading. And you’ll want to read it even before that.It makes you want to know more and more about the relationship. If you’ve been reading it for a while, you’ll enjoy the foreshadowing. What I’m talking about now is just a little bit of what I’m talking about, and in pudding, I’m just scooping the top. (2:00)
    I think everyone will grow as a human being when they read this. I want a lot of kids to read it, and it will help them be kind to others.
    Rintaro (the one on the left) said, I don’t know exactly how it happened, but when I saw Nami stabbing the tattoo on her arm with a knife, I cried so much (2:35), and I imagined that she was probably going through a lot of feelings and carrying a lot of things. So I wanted to know how it happened.
    Kanechi said, “Oh! So read on! It’s early days, though (laughs) (3:00) I’m saying 97 volumes this time, but that’s 9 volumes (laughs) because that was 20 years ago.

    Rintero says, what? How long has the history of One Piece been that long?
    Kanachi says ,Oh NO! Are you kidding me? (3:18)
    You’re a fisherman, I’ll cut you down to three!
    Rintro said,What’s the appeal of volume 97?
    Kanechi – says it’s the rise of a new generation. (4:00)
    They say that we are the new generation of comedians, and people like us will appear in One Piece. Pirates who have followed various paths will gather together.
    Rintro said,Do you mean that the old generation according to? (4:20)
    Kanechi says there’s another old generation out there. Big Mom, Charlotte Ringo Ringo, the bosses of the old generation, are joining forces. And one of the worst generations, the Luffy pirates, join forces with Trafalgar Law. The theme is that they’re going to fight together. (5:35)
    Rintero said that even in the world of comedy, there was no such thing as a co-operative struggle, but now that our generation is experiencing this kind of thing, it’s becoming the swell of the times. (5:55)Is this just a coincidence?
    Kanechi – you don’t know that. Maybe it’s fate.
    Rintaro said, What does mean by worst generation?I think it the best?
    Kanechi says, huh? Because they’re pirates! (6:15)
    There is no set definition of what is righteous and what is evil.
    Because that world is what One Piece is all about! (6:32)
    It’s still too shallow for this kind of explanation, so I hope it goes deeper than that. As far as the Mariana Trench (laughs).
    Not enough time.

    This is roughly the translation, but I hope it helps.
    I’m sorry if I got the details wrong.

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    Exit はアプーだね

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    子供に読ませたいの分かります。結婚もしてないけど子どもできたら絶対ONE PIECEで育てたいですもん!

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    1~20巻 漫画みて 映画も地上波のときだけ観て アニメは気が向いたら飛び飛び観てるだけ 完全ににわかファンです

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