ONE PIECE TIMES 〜WT100世界人気投票!中間結果速報〜

ONE PIECE TIMES 〜WT100世界人気投票!中間結果速報〜

ONE PIECE連載1000話を記念して開催される世界人気投票「WT100」

第1回ONE PIECEキャラクター世界人気投票「WT100」

世界のONE PIECEファンと「いちばん」を真剣予想!驚きの結果が…!?
ランキングから知られざる、ONE PIECEの世界が見えてくる!

お気に入りのキャラクターに投票して応援しよう!WE ARE ONE.



特設サイト「ONE PIECE 1000 LOGS」はこちら!!

WT100: The 1st Global ONE PIECE Character Popularity Contest
celebrating the publication of ONE PIECE’s 1000th chapter!
ONE PIECE fan comedians ‘Kamaitachi’ announce the mid-term results
with fans from around the world!

The 1st Global ONE PIECE Character Popularity Contest: WT100 is
the first ever world-wide poll to decide your “ichiban,” your number one,
from a total of over 1000 characters!
With votes gathered from 174 countries, this is the biggest worldwide character poll ever,
and you can choose from the “Straw Hat Crew” and various other characters!!
Here, we announce the mid-term ranking results.

Together with unique ONE PIECE fans from around the world representing different values and beliefs,
we seriously analyzed which character will be the one and only ichiban! Shocking truths are revealed…?!
Peculiar phenomena ongoing around the world…! An unexpected character becoming Pirate King?!
Discover new aspects of ONE PIECE from the ranking results!!

We do not yet know who will be “ichiban” in the very end!
Vote for your favorite character, and make a difference! WE ARE ONE.

Voting Period: 2021.1.4 – 2021.2.28 (Japan Standard Time)

【Official Website】
Check the official website to see how you can vote!

Special Website “ONE PIECE 1000 LOGS” (Japanese only)


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