ONE PIECE episode1086 Teaser “A New Emperor! Buggy the Genius Jester!”

In Japan… 3th Dic 2023
On the next episode of One Piece!
“A New Emperor! Buggy the Genius Jester!”



  1. Wagner Acevedo より:

    Nami conqueros next ep

  2. Gamer Goku より:

    Excited for the strawhats new bounties next weak

  3. kjw4733 より:

    Buggy Appeared

  4. M1Combo より:


  5. ShadowsofTheRedHood より:

    Come on Nami cut Luffy slack sure he scares the snot of you, but he has reasons to avenge Otama why she can show some respect instead of whacking him all time for being stupid and reckless and Nami did pay for it after this because of Uta later on.

  6. Houssam Idlgssair より:

    Crocodile has a 1000 bounty ?

  7. X より:


  8. Andrew Chuidian より:

    I don’t know what is worse; Wano ending after 4 years in the making, or the fact that the World Government (save from a handful of REAL geniuses) made the Assumption of Buggy being the Leader of Cross Guild?

  9. Ankit Jadhav より:

    Nami conquerors next episode yay

  10. かぼちゃ より:

    Very good!

  11. Glamrock Ballora より:

    Buggy, an example of when a meme takes epic promotions!

  12. K Karthikeya より:

    Mr.1 upgraded his drip very much.