ONE PIECE “EGG HEAD ARC” Starts on January7, 2024!

The new chapter starts on January7, 2024!




  1. fumomo fumosarum より:

    One of my top – favourite arcs so far. The characters are a lot of fun and the events are really great!

  2. Nasim Sk (Main) より:

    Sorry ,
    Egghead Arc
    Shanks Vs Kid
    Garp Vs BB Pirate
    Garp Vs Aokiji
    Mihawk Crazy Bounty
    Buggy’s Ambition to be PK
    Sabo+Revolutionary Army Commander Vs Fujitora+GreenBull
    Sabo Know ImuSam Existence
    Sabo Saw ImuSam & Gorosai real Form(DF form)
    Gorosai Identify
    Shanks real Father
    Dark Reality of Celestial Dragon
    Kuma’s Connection with Nika
    Kuma’s Saddest Backstory
    God Vally Flash Back
    Rocks Pirate’s All members reviled
    ROCKS Pirate Vs Roger Pirate+Garp+Shanks Father
    Luffy Vs Kizaru
    Luffy Vs Gorosai
    Luffy Vs Lucci
    Zoro Vs Lucci
    Akainu Vs Kuma
    Luffys Defeat

  3. Edwin Alexander Rosa Filoyen より:

    How beautiful the design of animated Lilith, I thought her hair was white but I see that she is blonde

  4. Sci-tech より:

    0:15 good job oda

  5. Japan Daisukiii より:

    The animation looks fresh and futuristic
    Can’t wait

  6. shreyan a.k.a. gobhi より:

    me after seeing nami and robin outfits : wooooh, nanjakoreyaaaaaaaaa sugeiiiiiiiii

  7. mindo sego より:

    Please no over aura again please

  8. k_yuki より:


  9. Gogo より:

    oh wow, the Art Style changed from Japanese traditional strokes to mostly clean lines

  10. Seth Osadolor より:

    Did I hear Ado as Vegapunk?

  11. abdulhadi omar01 より:

    When we thought vegapunk was a hot girl

  12. Vmoney26 より:


  13. Charles Dominic より:

    Good thing they did not spoil a particular someone in this PV! Excited for it to come!

  14. Crynix より:

    Nooo I’m gonna miss the wano art style too much

  15. StingerGaming より:

    Oda’s cake arc finally begins

  16. Playrunner-Z より:

    This is just me asking but Am I the only one thinking that the anination looks like the way it was before wano?