ONE PIECE episode1090 Teaser “A New Island! Future Island Egghead”

ONE PIECE episode1090 Teaser "A New Island! Future Island Egghead"

In Japan… 14th Jan 2024
On the next episode of One Piece!
“A New Island! Future Island Egghead”



  1. @Flidan より:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like this new softer art style?

  2. @user-FrankD.Hall1986 より:

    I’m happy for those who can appreciate the anime. As a manga reader, I continue to find it horrible how Toei continues to adapt the manga into the anime. I couldn’t wait to see how Toei would adapt chapter 1060 (and other chapters already adapted and future chapters to adapt) in today’s episode and honestly and I didn’t like this episode at all, especially the destruction of Lulusia which I was looking forward to seeing animated.

  3. @RussellReyes より:

    i love this instrumental of the new theme song, really gives the same feeling of excitement and adventure as We Are

  4. @CapPlayed より:

    How did Boney end up there at episode 1089

  5. @torchlight1785 より:

    I will say this episode seems like a bit of a step down quality wise from what came out today, but that’s to be expected. For a series that chooses to be weekly like One Piece, it’s unfair to expect every episode to be JJK, or Migumi level.

    Excited to see what music they have for the arc, and I’m sure that the best has yet to come.

    (I’m caught up with the manga but I don’t want to spoil anime only)

  6. @IchigoSenpai_ より:

    real thing gonna start up soon

  7. @Zekkarei より:

    Been watching since 2012, at the time we were on Punk Hazard. The fact that the anime is finally entering the final saga of this adventure is surreal to me.

  8. @ShellShockTheTruth より:

    i missed the wano art style already

  9. @Shirokami_0202 より:

    Here we go another peak arc

  10. @Christinavernon2382 より:

    I’m so happy egghead arc is getting animated!

  11. @user-wr2ev4xo4t より:


  12. @marktwain09 より:

    Is there a new OST for every new island they go to?

  13. @darthwisetheplagueis5869 より:

    The music they chose for egghead is amazing.