ONE PIECE episode1092 Teaser “Bonney’s Lamentation! Darkness Lurking on the Future Island”

In Japan… 28th Jan 2024
On the next episode of One Piece!
“Bonney’s Lamentation! Darkness Lurking on the Future Island”



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  2. @sixth.sense666 より:

    Bonney cwaannn❤

  3. @Illiyrano より:

    Best choice is give up one piece and stop waiting every week for another pointless episode, better to just let it marinate for a couple years and watch and enjoy the series

  4. @emiyyrozaimi2921 より:

    Someone :
    Long Time No See..

    Also Someone :

  5. @xxninjastarz8126 より:

    Egghead honestly looks so amazing. And the va for Shaka & Atlas nailed it. Can’t wait to see the others.

  6. @user-uo4uf6mi3m より:

    Manifesting Germa 66 cover story being animated

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  8. @justhere6507 より:

    Next episode is where egghead officially starts and gets serious as setting the tone for this insane arc after that it’s straight heat either from a writing standpoint world building and lore standpoint or hype and crazy fights standpoint/matchups get ready y’all ain’t ready and won’t be ready you just got a small taste the last two episodes are the slowest of them all

  9. @justhere6507 より:

    Man I just can’t wait for 1079 TO GET ADAPTED so we can start that insane 10-12 chapter/episode stretch ARGUABLY THE GREATEST CHAPTER 1000/10 rating stretch in Al of one piece history no scratch that it’s the best ten chapter stretch in one piece history hands down

  10. @rf7182 より:

    1091 didn’t adapt full 1 chapter but the pacing doesn’t feel slow, love it

  11. @bassamjaber7760 より:

    If this the final saga in one piece Do you think that this arc will be enough to :
    Luffy beat shanks and blackbeard
    Zoro beat mihawk and all straw hats achieve their dreams ?

  12. @papapanda1794 より:

    Im calling it bonney new straw hat member ❤