Tell Me, Robin! Chopper’s I-Wanna-Learn-More-You-Fool! 〜Rob Lucci〜

Tell Me, Robin! Chopper’s I-Wanna-Learn-More-You-Fool! 〜Rob Lucci〜

This is a bonus part of episode to enjoy TV anime “ONE PIECE” Egghead arc even more!



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    Ok, Robin & Chopper now tell us about Voids Century

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    Conte nos Robin

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    the pigeon is drippy asf

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    I think with this, we are ready for the Luffy vs Lucci re-match fight

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    Somebody guys give some info. Next week One Piece have a break. Is it really ???

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    I hate Rob Lucci so much. Everytime I see him, I never trusted Lucci one bit. Although, I’m excited to see Stussy again.

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    I know his the enemy but I want to how much stronger Lucci has gotten in the last 2 years.

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    Now I wanted to learn MORE of Lucci’s backstory. What we learned of him is how he was and at the age of 13 and killed these bandits and the pirate captain and took five cannon balls on his back. I wanted to know HOW he was before he’s an agent and how did he become one in the first place?

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    Law vs Blackbeard let’s go

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    Luffy beat Lucci in the anime almost 17 years ago now.. Amazing how it’s completely reasonable that a lot of people might be watching the current one piece episodes on-and-off and just have no idea who this is. Or just have forgotten after 700+ episodes since.

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    Why do I love this series so much

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    Robin chwan Nami swan