ONE PIECE episode1093 Teaser “The Winner Takes All! Law vs. Blackbeard!”

ONE PIECE episode1093 Teaser "The Winner Takes All! Law vs. Blackbeard!"

In Japan… 11th Feb 2024
On the next episode of One Piece!
“The Winner Takes All! Law vs. Blackbeard!”



  1. @nikpad5822 より:

    As tragic as law and kidd took the Ls with their individual clashes in the egghead arc. I still believe we’ll see them again later in the story and stronger than ever imo

  2. @shadowninja0777 より:

    Real it is made by teen age boy in episode 1092 also when Bonny hit luffy

  3. @acetrainerdawn7396 より:


  4. @knivz5723 より:

    This looks pretty good and Toei is definitely not showing their cards yet. I’m interested to see where they end the episode. Cause this part of Law v Bb is 14 pages split between 2 chapters and Toei’s been 11-12 pages per episode lately. They could do it all in one go. Or add a couple fight sequences and a cover story adaptation for the captured Charlotte, to break this fight up more.

  5. @melissamartinezhernandez278 より:

    Im gonna become insuferable for days after this drops

  6. @memeguy_667 より:

    omg fimale law

  7. @KINGBADASS100 より:

    Finally after all this time, we will finally have fem law animated

  8. @na.1162 より:

    i dont understand why is there no episode this week??

  9. @7amart177 より:

    Time for some law fan service

  10. @GADOANGBUDO-lv5zy より:

    Is it offscreen or not?

  11. @marvinsabado9124 より:

    you shall not get attention. I already won. Start running…. here they come.i will feed you to my sharks

  12. @Kawai_Legend より:

    Female law oh yeah baby

  13. @oussamaachouri5426 より:

    Did Blackbeard just use conqueror haki !!??

  14. @divinebanana9782 より:

    I hope law stays female for quite sometime in the battle rather than instantly countering it like he did in the manga

  15. @projectbakimobile8757 より:

    I forgot what happens next but im sure its shanks vs kidd before luffy vs lucci right?