Tell Me, Robin! Chopper’s I-Wanna-Learn-More-You-Fool! 〜Charlotte Pudding〜

Tell Me, Robin! Chopper’s I-Wanna-Learn-More-You-Fool! 〜Charlotte Pudding〜

This is a bonus part of episode to enjoy TV anime “ONE PIECE” Egghead arc even more!



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    I have created a playlist to all these so far! If anyone would like to check it out!

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    Info on pudding

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    They should share this information with their Captain who literally doesn’t give a damn about information that are crucial for his success.

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    ¿Cómo reaccionará Sanji cuando se entere de que Pudding fue secuestrada y prisionera por los Piratas de Barbanegra? Especialmente amenazada por Devon debido a que su cabeza formará parte de su colección de trofeos; una vez que tengan las 4 copias de las Piedras Rojas y usen el Ojo de la Verdad.

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    Pudding is my favorite!!!

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    【Shades Finnish Pirates】【サングラスフィンランド人海賊】I really appreciate the subtitles, thank you One Piece Tube! 字幕には本当に感謝しています、ワンピースチューブに感謝します!This is my third time watching One Piece, and I just watched the Water 7 arc, but after watching the show, I was able to see Robin with new eyes again. ワンピースを観るのは3回目で、ウォーター7編を観たばかりですが、観終わった後、また新たな目でロビンを見ることができました。I love Chopper too! 私もチョッパー大好きです!Sanji x Pudding Forever! ンジ×プリン永遠に!

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    I feel like these only exist to pad the episode and for the people who only watch on Netflix