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    One Piece chapter 1066 begins its story with the Straw Hat crew questioning what Vegapunk Shaka has just told them, calling it just a theory. Shaka explained that an archeologist in the past staked his life on it, and almost revealed the Ancient Kingdom’s name. He also said that, at the same location, the machines seen on Egghead were discovered, and their manufacture agreed upon.

    This led Robin to question if he’s referring to the machine being built during the Void Century, asking Shaka how much is truly known to him. Nami asks Robin if she knows anything about this, as Shaka begins discussing Ohara’s fate with Robin. He shares his theory that Ohara learning the Ancient Kingdom’s name was the cause of Ohara’s destruction, elaborating that the Void Century they studied is actually a history of the Ancient Kingdom.

    More specifically, it’s a recount of the war they waged against the 20 kingdoms that would eventually form the World Government. To prevent the name from being passed down, the World Government erased all traces of that Kingdom. The Straw Hats eventually surmise that the “he” Vegapunk had referenced earlier was the man who discovered this Kingdom’s name, and was eventually eliminated for it.

    The Straw Hats question why they had to be given the information, but Vegapunk counters that it’s just a theory like they said. However, he turns to Robin and asks her if she feels that the World Government’s attacking Ohara is the same as confirming the theory. She asks him why he’s sharing this and if he’s told the World Government, but he responds that even he would be killed for speaking of it.

    Robin begins asking Shaka how he knows of this since Ohara’s books were the only records of Void Century study. However, Vegapunk soliloquizes that the Will of Ohara lives on, and just how Robin survived Ohara, so did the knowledge of Professor Clover, Vegapunk’s old friend. He elaborates that he returned to Ohara several months later to find it a burnt field, where he offered a tribute of flowers to Clover.

    He explains that Clover was once an adventurer obsessed with learning about the Void Century, being undeterred by his 10 imprisonments. He eventually settled in Ohara, and as the world’s most famous archeologist, drew others thirsting for knowledge to the island. Vegapunk speculates that this gathering of knowledge is what caused the island to be burned down.

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