ONE PIECE episode1076 Teaser “The World That Luffy Wants!”

ONE PIECE episode1076 Teaser "The World That Luffy Wants!"

In Japan… 17th Sep 2023
On the next episode of One Piece!
The World That Luffy Wants!



  1. George Martinus より:

    Manga SPOILER:
    The world that Luffy wants is *COMMON PROSPERITY*
    The world that no ones get exploited by the highers (WG and Tenryubito) and against the IMP-erialism.

    A fluorishing democracy that countries and people have relatively same degree and rights to pursue their dreams and live peacefully in this world.
    At this rate, I do aware that Oda wants to tell us the concept of eastern ancient philosophy (Confucianism) called *GREAT UNITY* . It’s a society where all people races get along together as *ONE PIECE*

    In nowadays, not many westerners do aware that this concept gets along with the *SociaIism & C0mmunism*

  2. Rikkusu より:

    why not release today

  3. Beast Alan より:

    Naotoshi Shida is the best animator with the fight scenes!

  4. Yellow stone より:

    bro this anime turning into naruto only flashback.

  5. عبدالله قيمر より:

    Myself with five likes._.

  6. Lokki より:

    toei try not to put flashbacks in the climax challenge [INSANELY DIFFICULT]

  7. DeeeJay より:

    Sad to see it end and a goodbye to Kaido. What an amazing character, the strongest creature live up to the hype

    Oda really made an amazing, strongest character in One Piece. I’m gonna miss Kaido, he is like one of the best villain and he is up there

  8. Themaus より:

    Cara,o nome desse ep fez eu me arrepiar inteiro

  9. Chris Rooki3 より:

    I thought that’s what this episode was gonna be about. The whole kaido flashback and luffy beating him. Spent way too much time on the wano samurai this episode.

  10. kostis chatzidakis より:

    The anime is getting very boring. Every episode is 5 minutes story line 18 minutes songs and flasbacks that they showed us at least 3 times until now.

  11. Algériennes Affaires より:

    As always one of the worst episodes ever we wait for something, but Oda decided to show us unlimited flashbacks and the crybaby momo crying for 2 years, too much unnecessary drama, I’m very disappointed, please wake me up when the punch fall

  12. Elijah Drury より:

    On one hand I love the animation the story the everything same time it sucks how many flashbacks and recaps we have had in the last 90ish episodes as a result of them needing more time. One things for sure and its that this arc will be great when its done and you can experience it in whole as a first watch (long as you skip the 60 hours of red bean soup flash backs)

  13. Surya Pratap より:

    So how much screen time will luffy vs kaido have in the next episode and how much time that Orochi will have even though he is decapitated.

  14. Ilustrazhay より:

    RIP Kaido.