ONE PIECE episode1078 Teaser “He Returns! The Shogun of the Land of Wano,Kozuki Momonosuke”

ONE PIECE episode1078 Teaser “He Returns! The Shogun of the Land of Wano,Kozuki Momonosuke”

In Japan… 1th Oct 2023
On the next episode of One Piece!
He Returns! The Shogun of the Land of Wano,Kozuki Momonosuke



  1. D3athrose91 より:

    I more fight and the curtains will fall down..

  2. Mona より:

    They better play the red scabbards ost. I’ve been waiting for this moment more than any other episode…

  3. bullseye より:


  4. GoatLuffy_97 より:

    Our boy Momo ascends the throne next week!!!

  5. Jeffry - より:

    guys, will there be a break (anime) soon? I mean there hasn’t been a break for the past 5-6 episodes, not that I want one.

  6. กฤษดา กลิ่นพิกุล より:

    *Kozuki Momonosuke (Momotaro)* the *Son of Late Near-Current Strongest Legendary Samurai Oden,* the *True Rightful Compassionate Shogun of Wano Greatest Shogun Ever of Wano have returned.* Basically *”Samurai Jack” (Samurai Warrior Prince/Ruler, Time Travel Plot, tragedy also started when he’s 8)* and *”Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon” (Plot-Relevant Age-Up) Lego NinjaGo Combination* with *”Zenitsu” Voice Actor.* Yamato is *Ashi Aku’s Daughter* combined with *Harumi and Akita.*

  7. Harris Boekenheide より:

    I don’t think it gets said enough just how low-key tragic Momonosuke’s life is. He basically had 20 years stolen from his life. For him, Oden’s death was still just a few months ago.

    He was just a child and then got King Crimson’d to the part of life where your body starts to go downhill.

  8. Sporz より:

    Ah! My fav moment of Wano is getting animated.

  9. Electroぁ より:

    Kind of hard to believe that the wano arcs almost over

  10. Don Lee. より:

    Momonosuke: returns

    Wano Citizens: tears of joy

    Nine Scabbards: showing respect.

    Strahwats : looks confused.. like who is this guy.

    Luffy: Sleeping.

  11. RUM ナンバー2 より:

    ワノ国あと 5話、、、、くらいかね?あれも出てくるんだっけなw

  12. Torogikamlon より:

    Wano Arc will end at episode 1082

  13. Frank D. Hall より:

    Wano Arc will end not before episode 1084 (if they continue to adapt an entire chapter to episode).This is because there are still 7 chapters of the manga to be adapted into episodes, this is because the next episode (1078) corresponds to chapter 1051 and Wano Arc ends with chapter 1057 (1084=12 November)

  14. CallGamber より:

    The best music

  15. Constantin Cupper より:

    The way they made him an adult was absolute nonsense. But we are no strangers.

  16. stalhein61 より:

    Damn those truly are some gallant eyebrows