ONE PIECE episode1103 Teaser “Turn Back My Father! Bonney’s Futile Wish!”

ONE PIECE episode1103 Teaser "Turn Back My Father! Bonney's Futile Wish!"

In Japan…5th May 2024
On the next episode of One Piece!
“Turn Back My Father! Bonney’s Futile Wish!”



  1. @pranavghantasala6808 より:

    Anime only’s beware: It’s backstory time. Things are about to start HURTING

  2. @AliAsif303 より:

    Kuma’s backstory about the hit the feels hard man

  3. @ShaneTheProdigy より:

    Garp Galaxy Impact INCOMING !!!!!!!

  4. @rasdan1192 より:

    Can’t want to see OP fans get murdered emotionally.

  5. @CrimsonKel より:

    In Manga this is the Start Of 2023😭😭

  6. @Blumaxy より:

    Luffys mother? 🤨 0:23

  7. @uchihssu7714 より:

    Kumachii 😭😭😭💔💔💔

  8. @Alex_LF より:

    Poor little girl😢

  9. @rusty9835 より:

    galaxy impact!!!!!!!

  10. @sir_no より:


  11. @LeMn680 より:

    The goat Garp is coming!

  12. @coloneljlol より:

    the saddest people smile the brightest…

  13. @rockiecraft より:

    oh man, here is where we will cry i feel.

    this is gonna gonna be the hardest to watch.

  14. @user-yg9nu6ze4k より:

    Kuma’s backstory will make so many anime watchera cry not knowing about it beforehand.

  15. @xKeegaa8126 より:

    Seeing the anime now and caught up with the current manga makes me not realize how long Kuma’s flashback was.
    So excited to see Kuma’s backstory being animated.

  16. @nicolaskaito4769 より:

    Kuma’s backstory will break us all and might come on about 10-15 episodes..

  17. @lazylonewolf より:

    Ohhh boy here we go

  18. @prabinpaudel5572 より:

    Gaaaaaaaarppppppppp 🤜

  19. @ne0nZchr0me より:

    Kuma makes up for every trash father in one piece, including judge… anime only ain’t ready for peak backstory ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  20. @eikichionizuka4660 より:

    So next week we see Zoro and his nap interuped